UAH MSCBS Courses - Computer Engineering Track

The Engineering track takes existing and proven practices and enhances them with an education in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP). This approach will address security issues in future technologies during the concept & requirements stages of system design and the formulation of the hardware design.

Core Classes (18 Credit Hours)

CPE 549- Introduction to Information Assurance Engineering Introduction to cryptography and computer security through hardware and physical security to a knowledge of audit methods, security management, and public law.
CPE 649- Advanced Information Assurance Engineering Introduction to topics ranging from how to attack computer systems and networks to how to protect and recover from attacks on computer systems and networks.
CS 570- Introduction to Computer Networks Organization and operation of computer networks.
CS 670- Computer Networks Detailed analysis of the organization and operation of computer networks.
IS 501- Introduction to Information Assurance Overview of information security from a technical project management and risk management perspective.
IS 663- Computer Forensics Introduces systematical problem-solving techniques and applies them to computing investigations.

 Computer Engineering Concentration Classes (15 Credit Hours)

Choose 4 of the following:
CPE 645- Advanced Computer Network Security Principles and concepts of computer network security. Introduction to cryptography, confidentiality, authentication, digital signatures, E-mail security, IP security, web security, intruders, malicious software, firewall, and other network security-related issues.
CPE 551- Software Design and Engineering Basic concepts of Software Engineering. Software project management including specification, design, implementation, testing, and documentation.
CPE 647- Ubiquitous Computing Explores issues of mobile, wireless, and distributed computing in Internet environment, advanced human-computer interfaces, and power efficient computing.
CPE 748- Mobile and Wireless Networks High-level issues in mobile and wireless networks. The main topics are mobile IP, Mobile Ad hoc NETworks (MANETs), wireless sensor networks, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, cellular networks, satellite systems, and security issues in mobiles and wireless networks.
CPE 648- Advanced Computer Networks Advanced principles and concepts of general-purpose computer networks, with a special emphasis to internetworking and Internet. Transport and higher level protocols emphasis. 
EE 693*- ECE Capstone (required) Research in a subject gained from courses taken at the graduate level. Students will be introduced to rhetorical theory, training in oral and written technical presentations on individual research, journal articles, or design projects. 
*NOTE: EE 693 is the Capstone Course for the Engineering Track and students must complete with a grade of A or B.

*Prerequisite Requirements

Data Structure (3 hours)
Operating Systems (3 hours)
Algorithm Design and Analysis (3 hours)
Computer Architecture (3 hours)
Probability and Statistics (3 hours)