UAH MSCBS Courses - Business Track

The Business track looks at the security requirements mandated by statutory authority and analysis of business impact as it relates to the System Development Life Cycle. This track introduces tools and techniques for proven methodologies in technical project management related to integrating information security best practices into system development while minimizing associated risks.

Core Classes (18 Credit Hours)

CPE 549- Introduction to Information Assurance Engineering Introduction to cryptography and computer security through hardware and physical security to a knowledge of audit methods, security management, and public law.
CPE 649- Advanced Information Assurance Engineering Introduction to topics ranging from how to attack computer systems and networks to how to protect and recover from attacks on computer systems and networks.
CS 570- Introduction to Computer Networks Organization and operation of computer networks.
CS 670- Computer Networks Detailed analysis of the organization and operation of computer networks.
IS 501- Introduction to Information Assurance Overview of information security from a technical project management and risk management perspective.
IS 663- Computer Forensics Introduces systematical problem-solving techniques and applies them to computing investigations.

 Business Concentration Classes (15 Credit Hours)

IS 577- Network Defense and Operating Systems Introduction to the area of network security. Addresses security issues and practical applications related to Network Address Translation, packet filtering, proxy servers and firewalls, and Virtual Private Networks. 
IS 560-Telecommunications and Networking Overview of geographically distributed computer-communications facilities. Network design, structure and optimization are addressed.
IS 660- Information Security Management Examines management issues associated with the control and audit of information systems. Specific emphasis is on IT controls and their evaluation, computer-based auditing techniques, encryption, and security policies.
600 level Elective in IS, CS or CPE  
IS 670*- Business Contingency Planning  Introduces the theories and concepts of business contingency planning through risk analysis and disaster recovery planning.
*NOTE: IS 670 is the Capstone Course for the Business Track and students must complete with a grade of A or B.

Prerequisite Requirements

Calculus (3 hours)
Programming in an Object Oriented Language (6 hours)         (ex: Visual Basic, C++, Java, C#)
Statistics (3 hours)
Microeconomics (3 hours)
Switching Theory (3 hours)
Digital Computer Design (3 hours)