Current Students

The Career Development Office staff is available to assist all UAHuntsville students. If you are undecided or reconsidering your major, our staff can help you assess your strengths and match them, along with your interests, to possible careers. Individual counseling is available by appointment.

In-school work opportunities are available that will also help you determine or solidify your interest in a major or simply help you earn an income while you are in college.






Our staff would also like to help insure that you graduate UAHuntsville not only with a degree, but with a job as well! We encourage you to attend workshops presented by our staff and/or view our on-line resources to help prepare you for the job search.


Active Co-ops and Interns

All co-op and not-for-credit internship students on assignment are asked to complete the following each work term:

  • Beginning of Term Form - Due by the third week following employment start date.
  • End of Term Form - Due by the week prior to final exams.

 In addition, students are asked to:

  • Complete a Statement of Understanding which includes your projected academic/work schedule and signatures of a Financial Aid representative if you receive any form of financial assistance.
  • Register for the appropriate Co-op/Internship section each work term.