Pink Chimes Styrax

Styrax japonicus 'Pink Chimes' - 'Pink Chimes' Styrax

Family - Styracaceae

Size - Upright habit to about 20 to 30 feet. Spread is roughly 2/3rds the height. Medium rate grower.

Foliage - Dark green, alternate, simple, tapering at both ends. Approximately 2" in length, 1" wide.

Flower/Fruit/Seed - Flowers are solitary, a beautiful shell pink, bell shaped with yellow stamens. Flower buds are urn shaped, dark pink, suspended by a delicately curved peduncle. Once established, trees are prolific flowerers.

Bark - Gray brown, smooth. As the tree matures it shows orange brown interlacing fissures.

Pests and Diseases - None serious

Landscape Use - Excellent small tree for the home landscape. Specimen, patio tree, focal tree. Offers nice foliage, form, flowers, and attractive seed. Casts light shade. Prefers moist well drained soil. Can tolerate full sun or light shade.

Performance - 10 Tolerates the extremes in the South with no problems. Could possibly be somewhat cold sensitive but is much hardier than the species obassia. Should be able to do well in to zone 8.

Pink Chimes Styrax flowers

Pink Chimes Styrax buds