Bid Tabulations and Awards Archive

Business Services buildingFor your convenience, bid tabulations are posted to our website after an award is made. If you have questions after reviewing a bid tabulation, contact the appropriate Procurement Officer to discuss the award.


 Fiscal Year 2008-2009

Commodity Description Bid Number Procurement Officer
Athletic Winter Bus 08-09 B001812 M. Aldrich
Hockey Sleeper Bus B001813 V. Dillon
Laundry Services B001817 J. Curtis
Shuttle Service B001818 M. Aldrich
SuperComputer Cluster B001819 J. Moody
Database Computer Support B001822 J. Moody
Site Furnishings B001824 T. Haley
MATLAB Software B001829 J. Noody
Digitcal delay Pulse Generator B001830 V. Dillon
Pagers and Pager Service B001831 J. Moody
Fencing Project at JRC B001833 J. Curtis
Gold Pellets B001835 V. Dollon
Document Camera and Interactive Pen Displays B001837 M. Aldrich
Spring Bus 2009 - Athletics B001838 M. Aldrich
Software B001839 J. Moody
HP Proliant DL380 G5 Server Rack Mountable B001841 J. Moody
Bevill Center TVs B001843 M. Aldrich
Muon Physics & Quantum Analogs Instruments B001846 V. Dillon
Pressure Regulator and Flow Control Valve B001850 V. Dillon
Fitness Equipment B001854 M. Aldrich
SC-Compact-PC Broadband Light Source Fiber Pigtailed B001855 J. Moody
Bevill Center Tree Removal B001856 J. Curtis
Hazardous Gases B001860 V. Dillon
Thermal Imager B001862 V. Dillon
Furnish & Install Noisemaker ABA-1 Sound Screen B001863 J. Moody
Out Recaulking for BAB B001865 T. Haley
Charter to Niagra Falls, NY B001866 M. Aldrich
Masonry Repair at BAB B001867 T. Haley
Printing of Research Review B001869 T. Haley
Elevator Modernization in the NB B001870 T. Haley
Replacement Parts for Turnkey Beowulf Class Supercomputer B001872 J. Moody
Pasco Scientific Supplies B001873 V. Dillon
Direct MArketing and Telemarketing Services B001875 T. Haley
Program Adapters B001878 V. Dillon
Handheld Scanning Terminal B001879 J. Moody
Professional Development Catalog B001883 T. Haley
Panasa Storage Cluster System B001885 M. Aldrich
Nursing Kits B001886 T. Haley
Sun Storage J400 SAS Array with Sun Storage 7310 Storage Controller System B001887 M. Aldrich
SymSafe DVR System B001889 M. Aldrich
McAfee Software License Renewal B001892 M. Aldrich
Hockey Equipment B001893 M. Aldrich
Elevator Modernization in SKH B001895 T. Haley
Wilson Hall Chiller B001896 J. Curtis
SuperMicro Processor Blades and Infiniband Switch B001899 M. Aldrich
Hirad Instrument Shelf and Antenna Panel Spacer B001901 G. Lymas
Supermicro 24 Core Multiprocessor with 24TB Raid B001904 M. Aldrich
IBM Server and Workstation B001905 M. Aldrich
Sun Fire X4150 Server B001910 M. Aldrich
Bevill Center Wireless Local Area Network P0048 T. Haley
Asset Management P0050 J. Moody
Elevator Jack Replacement P0052 T. Haley

Fiscal Year 2007-2008

Commodity Description Bid Number Procurement Officer
General Maintenance Supplies B001415 J. Curtis
HVAC and Plumbing B001421 J. Curtis
Exponent Printing B001434 T. Haley
Elevator Maintenance B001456 J. Curtis
Office, Computer, and Printer Supplies B001448 M. Aldrich
AMSTI Math Kits B001588 V. Dillon
Paper Products B001618 V. Dillon
Chemical Move B001696 S. Penn
Water Treatment B001697 M. Aldrich
Industrial Gases B001699 V. Dillon
Calculators B001703 M. Aldrich
Water Detection System B001708 V. Dillon
Bus Transportation-Baseball B001710 V. Dillon
17" Sympodium B001711 J. Moody
Library Bookbinding B001713 T. Haley
Optical Telescopes and Supplies B001714 V. Dillon
Laser Calibration System B001715 V. Dillon
Electrical & Lighting B001716 J. Curtis
Telephone Equipment B001717 J. Moody
Steam Generator B001718 V. Dillon
Sun Storage Array B001720 J. Moody
Western Scientific Fusion X5 Workstation B001721 J. Moody
Stacker B001722 V. Dillon
Bus-Niagra Hockey Trip B001723 V. Dillon
Student Handbook B001724 T. Haley
Painting Services B001725 J. Curtis
Schedule of Classes B001726 T. Haley
Elliptical Machines B001727 G. Lymas
Telephone Equipment B001728 J. Moody
Refrigerators, Microwave Ovens, and Electric Ranges B001729 J. Curtis
Sony Vaio TZ Notebook and Accessories B001730 J. Moody
Food Service B001731 V. Dillon
Hazardous Waste Disposal B001732 T. Haley
Walk-in Cooler B001733 T. Haley
Monitors & Replicators B001734 J. Moody
Thinkpad R61 B001735 J. Moody
Workstation B001736 J. Moody
Frequency Convertor B001741 V. Dillon
ASIM Vans B001742 J. Curtis
Course Management Software B001743 J. Moody
Access Racks B001745 V. Dillon
Electrical Wiring B001747 J. Curtis
Thinkpat T61 and Accessories B001748 J. Moody
Softball Transportation B001750 V. Dillon
Monochromator System B001751 V. Dillon
HP Disk Enclosure B001752 J. Moody
Property Management Software B001753 J. Moody
Hitachi CP-X605 Projector B001754 J. Moody
Abestos Abatement B001755 J. Curtis
Modal Test System B001757 V. Dillon
Online Data Storage System B001758 V. Dillon
Arbitrary Waveform Generator B001859 V. Dillon
Property Management Software-Rebid B001760 J. Moody
Nursing Kits B001761 T. Haley
Medical Supplies B001762 T. Haley
HP Compaq 6910p Notebook B001763 J. Moody
3-Channel Potentiostat B001764 V. Dillon
Lapping and Polishing Machine B001766 V. Dillon
Lidar Laser System B001767 V. Dillon
SuperMicro Xeon Blade Server B001769 J. Moody
Installation of Exhaust Lines B001770 V. Dillon
Abestos Abatement B001771 J. Curtis
Spectrometer & Accessories B001772 V. Dillon
Computer Workstation B001773 J. Moody
Mail Service B001774 V. Dillon
Microsoft Volume Licenses B001775 J. Moody
Web-based Co-op Management Software B001776 J. Moody
Hockey Equipment B001777 M. Aldrich
Aerophysics Research Center Construction Materials B001779 V. Dillon
Shuttle Service B001780 V. Dillon
Fall 2008 - Bus Athletics B001782 V. Dillon
Petal Value Seal Ring & Fabrication B001783 V. Dillon
Computer Workstation B001784 J. Moody
Greenhouse Benches B001785 V. Dillon
Sun T1000 Server B001786 J. Moody
HP Proliant ML350 G5 Server B001787 J. Moody
Pocket Computer and Fujitsu Lifebook B001788 J. Moody
12-Passenger Van B001790 J. Moody
Mixed Signal Oscilloscope B001792 V. Dillon
Supermicro 2U and 3U Rackmount Server B001793 J. Moody
Transient Recorder B001794 V. Dillon
Nursing Kits B001795 T. Haley
Installation of Exhaust Lines B001796 V. Dillon
Switches and Accessories B001797 J. Moody
PAckateer Maintenance B001799 J. Moody
1U Server B001800 J. Moody
Gas Diesel Fuel B001802 J. Curtis
Transient Recorder-Rebid B001803 V. Dillon
Fiber Optic Cable B001804 J. Moody
Microsoft & Adobe Software License B001805 J. Moody
Janitorial Chemicals and Supplies B001808 J. Curtis
Shuttle Service TEA III B001811 V. Dillon
Emergency Notification System P0039 T. Haley
Marketing and MEssaging System Design P0040 S. Penn
Local Move P0041 S. Penn
Active Directory Migration Consultation P0042 T. Haley
Campus Police Communication Office Relocation P0043 T. Haley
Executive Search for VP P0044 S. Penn
Bleacher Installation P0045 T. Haley
Asset Management P0046 T. Haley
InterModal Facilities Fiber Optic Conduit Installation P0047 T. Haley