News - February 2011

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News - February 2011

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Tips and Reminders

Limited Purchase Orders
Limited Purchase Orders (LPOs) no longer available after January 31, 2011

Change Orders
Change Orders to Cancel PO Balances Made Easier

Walk-Thru/RUSH Requests
Walk-Thru/RUSH Requests enhanced

Campus Mail Reminders

Important Reminder to Air Travelers


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2011 neon lightsHappy New Year!

The Business Services staff wishes to extend a warm welcome and a Happy New Year to all returning faculty and staff of The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAHuntsville). As we settle into 2011, remember that Business Services is here to assist you in many ways. >>more

Contact Us

Click below to access the Business Services Staff Contact Information
Business Services Staff Contact Information
Procurement Officer Contact by Commodity

Department Spotlight

Welcome to Central Receiving and Shipping, Inventory Control, and Mail Services. These units within Business Services play a vital role in the day-to-day operations at UAHuntsville. A wonderful staff is ready to help you with all your needs! >>more

Using Miscellaneous Vouchers

Miscellaneous Voucher Reimbursement should be used only when the normal procurement process cannot be followed. >>more

Avoid These Common Purchasing Pitfalls

  1. You notice that your RUSH PO number is listed in Banner. Now it is time to call the Vendor, right?
  2. You are all set to fax or email your supporting documentation (for example, a registration form or travel authorization) to Procurement. What information must you include?
  3. "I want something flat from one of those office stores." True or False: This is a good commodity description.
  4. It is late and you cannot remember the account code for Audio/Visual Equipment under $500. You say to yourself, "Just enter 7428 for Other Supplies and Materials." Right?
  5. Are you duplicating the information in the document and item text? Did you know that is not necessary?

View Answers to avoid these common purchasing pitfalls

When to Disapprove to Approve

It might seem confusing at first, but take a look at this very simple and effective way to take care of those Requisitions that do not get approved in time (when the end of the month catches you by surprise!). >>more

Procurement Card Program

Find out more about the UAHuntsville Procurement Card Program and how it can help you and your department. >>more

Steps Involved in Professional Services Contracts

Nancy Snowden, Senior Business Services Assistant, has compiled step-by-step instructions on how to fill out your Contract for Professional Services forms. These helpful instructions could save considerable time in the approval process.
Professional Services Contract with instructions

UAHuntsville Copy Center

We are pleased to announce that Anthony Garrison has joined the Business Services Staff as Copy Center Coordinator. >>more


Telecommunications would like to share some important information about your phones. Read more about the "Telecommunications Phone Swap." >>more