When to Disapprove to Approve

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When to Disapprove to Approve

It might seem confusing at first, but take a look at this very simple and effective way to take care of those Requisitions that don't get approved in time (when the end of the month catches you by surprise!).

As you may already know, all Requisition approvals must be recorded in the same month that the Requisition was created. For example, a Requisition submitted on August 25th must be approved by August 31. This month-end cutoff queues the closing of the accounting month and the timely issuance of monthly budget reports.

If a Requisition is entered into Banner but not approved by all required approvers by the end of that same month, here is all you need to do:

  • Disapprove the Requisition.
  • Notify Procurement Services so they can change the transaction date and forward the Requisition to the current month.
  • Then the approval process will be reinitiated, and the Requisition can be completed in the current month.

It is that simple! But the best way to prevent this problem is for the initiator of the Requisition to closely monitor the approval history in the system and ensure that approvals are posted by month-end.