Avoid These Common Purchasing Pitfalls

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Avoid These Common Purchasing Pitfalls

1. You notice that your RUSH PO number is listed in Banner. Now it is time to call the Vendor, right?

No. You must wait to hear from Procurement to verify that your PO has been approved and completed. You will have the option to pick up your RUSH PO (generally when it is an Issue Check and needs to go to Accounts Payable immediately) or Procurement will either fax or mail the Vendor's copy to them and forward your Department copy to your via Campus Mail.

2. You are all set to fax or email your supporting documentation (for example, a registration for or travel authorization) to Procurement. What information must you include?

Before you hit that Send button, always make sure the appropriate Requisition number is referenced on every page of your attachments.

3. "I want something flat from one of those office stores." True or False: This is a good commodity description.

FALSE! Provide clear and specific descriptions of the item(s) or service(s) to be purchased. Stock numbers, model numbers, physical descriptions, etc. should be included if applicable but not substituted for the NAME of the item(s) or service(s).

4. It is late, and you cannot remember the account code for Audio/Visual Equipment under $500. You say to yourself, "Just enter 7428 for Other Supplies and Materials." Right?

Although, itis tempting to use a generic or miscellaneous account code, it is helpful when you determine whether a more specific account code corresponds to the item or service being purchased before defaulting to a generic or miscellaneous code.

For help with find the proper account code, refer to the list of account codes in the UAHuntsville Banner Self-Service Requisitioning Workbook. You may also refer to our website for a copy of the Requisition Entry Workbook.

5. Are you duplicating the information in the document and item text? Did you know that is not necessary?

There is a difference between document and item text.

Document text is for information that pertains to the complete order.
Item text is for information that pertains to that specific item.