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Tip for the Day

Having trouble finding the "correct" A-Number for the Vendor you need?

Did you find the Vendor you need for your Requisition but the incorrect address is listed? That's can actually select different BU #s (1, 2, 3, etc) and validate to look for the address you need. Or, you can just leave the incorrect address showing on your Requisition and type in the correct address in Document Text. Please alert us to the different address (for instance, "Please note different address"). We will take care of it from there!

When You Disapprove to Approve

It might seem confusing at first, but take a look at this very simple and effective way to take care of those Requisitions that do not get approved in time (when the end of the month catches you by surprise!).

As you may already know, all Requisition approvals must be recorded in the same month that the Requisition was created. For example, A Requisition submitted on August 25th must be approved by August 31st. This month-end cutoff queues the closing of the accounting month and the timely issuance of monthly budget reports.

If a Requisition is entered into Banner but not approved by all required approvers by the end of that same month, this is all you need to do:

  • Deny the Requisition. This will allow the Requisition to be forwarded to the following month.
  • Notify Procurement Services so they can change the transaction date and forward to the current month.
  • Then the approval process will be reinitiated and the Requisition can be completed in the current month.

It is that simple! But the best way to prevent this problem is for the initiator of the Requisition to closely monitor the approval history in the system and ensure that approvals are posted by month-end.

"How To"...Viewing and Disapproving Documents

In the Self-Service Banner Finance Menu you will find the option to View Documents. To display the details of a Requisition or Purchase Order, go to "Choose type" and select "Requisition" or "Purchase Order". Enter the document number by the block labeled "Document Number". If you would like to see both printed and non-printed information, select "All" (instead of the default "Printable") in the Display Text fields at the bottom. Then click "View document".

To display approval history for a Requisition or Purchase Order, choose the document type as explained above, enter the document number, and select "Approval history" (instead of "View document"). Approval history will show what approvals have been granted and those approvals that are still required. If a document is disapproved, it will also identify the individual who disapproved the document.

If your Requisition is disapproved by the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), they will notify you regarding the transaction and advise you of any necessary action to take.

If your Requisition was disapproved in error and the record has not been removed from the system, notify Procurement at to have the Requisition reset. The Requisition will then be available for approval. The approval process must continue until all required approvals are posted to the Requisition. After all electronic approvals are completed the Requisition is ready for processing by Procurement Services.

Requisitions denied by any approver are automatically removed every month from the system by Procurement Services.

Please Remember...If you create a Requisition, it is YOUR responsibility to track the approval process. The Procurement staff will NOT see your Requisition in the system to be worked until ALL approvals are completed.

For more information on Banner instructions, click on the following link.
Requisition Entry Workbook
Requisition Approval Workbook

Where should you send backup documentation for the Requisition you just submitted?

When your Requisition has been completed and you have placed the Requisition number clearly and prominently on each page of your backup documentation, here are the best methods to forward this information to Procurement:

  1. FAX it to 256-824-6151
  2. EMAIL backup instead to (please do NOT send both a fax and an email). ***
  3. If you have original documents that need to accompany the Purchase Order, you may send those through

Campus Mail

***Please do not email backup documentation directly to the Procurement Officer unless he or she has personally requested information from you.

Campus Mail Reminders

Every building on campus has a mail drop area for United States Postal Service mail and Campus Mail. The mail is collected by each department's office personnel and redistributed to the appropriate faculty and staff. To avoid delivery errors, when you address Campus Mail, simply put the receiver's name and his or her department on the envelope. It is not necessary to include the receiver's office location, building, and room number. If you have any questions about Campus Mail, call 824-6116.