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Telecommunications - Helpful Hints

We have so many new people on campus that it's time for a brief run-down of some of the most popular features on our campus digital sets. These features "come with" your monthly telephone service; there are no extra fees for the features listed below.

Conference Calling: If you see the letters Conf above one of the soft keys on your phone, then you have Conference Calling. The "Conf" only appears after you have connected to a caller. The most common type of conferencing allows you to have five other callers and yourself on the phone at the same time. The other callers can be either on- or off-campus. Our system limit is six total callers, including the initiator.

Auto-dial: If you see the letters AutoDl above one of the soft keys on your phone, then you have a key with the auto-dial feature on it (the auto-dial key is beside the keys on the M3903 and M3904 sets rather than above). You can program up to 16 digits into this key. Simply press the key, enter the digits, press the key again, and it's programmed. To use it, either pick up the handset or press the little green button (the one with the speaker symbol on it) just to the left of your handset. Once you have a dial tone, press your auto-dial key, and the number will automatically dial! Don't forget to enter a "9" for a call off campus (or "8" for ATTNET). For example: Press the auto-dial key, enter 9-256-533-1990, press the auto-dial key again, and you're programmed.

Did you know you already have a re-dial key programmed on your phone? That's right. If you press the little green key on your phone (after you obtain the dial tone) it will re-dial the last number you dialed. Try it! It's fast!

Call Forward: If you see the word Forward on your phone, you have the Call Forward option. This feature has several useful functions. First, if you are out of the office, you can forward your phone for someone else to answer. Just press the forward button, enter four digits, and press the forward button again.

Call Forward is most useful when you need to be undisturbed. If you have voice mail, press forward, enter 2000, and press forward again. Presto! Your calls are forwarded to voice mail and your phone will not ring at the phone set. Remember to turn off this feature when you want to receive calls again.

Express Messaging: Ever want to send somebody a voice mail instead of talking to them? You can with our system. It's called Express Messaging. It works as follows: Pick up the handset of any campus phone and dial 2001. The voice mail automated attendant will answer and say "Express messaging, to mailbox" at which time you enter a mailbox number followed by the # key. (Pressing # on a campus phone is like pressing Enter on a computer keyboard — it completes the command.) As an example, to send an express message to extension 7551, enter 7551#, state your message, and hang up. The system will forward the message to the mailbox immediately.

Auto Logon: And remember: if you are tired of entering your mailbox and password numbers every time to retrieve your voice mail messages, we can add the auto logon feature to your mailbox completely free of charge!

External Call Forward: Now for the big news — we're offering a feature we've had for some time but few people have ever requested. It's called External Call Forward, and it's being offered to the campus in hopes of making everyone's lives a little easier.

You must have written (as on a Telecommunications Work Order) vice presidential or dean approval to access this feature, and the reason is as follows. Our phone system has the capability to forward each individual telephone set to a designated number, including a cell phone. With External Call Forward, if you get called out of the office on an emergency while waiting on an important call, you can forward your office phone to your cell phone. However, your phone requires specific programming to enable this feature.

To use the feature you must enter all the numbers on your call forwarding button. For example, to forward your office phone to your cell phone, press Forward, enter "9" plus your cell phone number (e.g., 9-256-655-XXXX), and press Done. If you're going out of town, use the ATTNET to forward your phone. Press Forward, enter 8-1-256-655-XXXX (for example) and press Done.

This feature also allows you to transfer a current call anywhere. For instance, let's say you are on a long distance call from UAHuntsville to Washington, DC. You can transfer that caller by pressing Transfer, entering the seven- or ten-digit number and access code (e.g., 9-256-655-XXXX , 8-1-256-655-XXXX) and then pressing Transfer (connect) again. Now you've successfully transferred the person on the line to another phone off campus.

Be reminded that this feature is only for business use. Since you pay for your telephone service by the set, you'll incur no additional monthly charge for this feature. You can use the "9" to dial out, but if it's a long distance call you will be charged the appropriate long distance rate.

This feature works great for forwarding your office phone home! Once the call is transferred off campus the campus voice mail system will not pick it up.

Reminder: All telephones on campus are "rented" from Telecommunication Services. If your phones break or malfunction, we will fix them free of charge.