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Invoices to Accounts Payable

Did You Know that Invoices Must Go to Accounts Payable? - As a public institution, we must maintain a positive working relationship with all of our suppliers. That relationship is dependent on our ability to remit payment in a timely manner. Therefore, all invoices must be mailed to Accounts Payable and not to individual departments. The ability of Accounts Payable to remit prompt payment to our suppliers allows for the continuous flow of business transactions between the University and its suppliers.

If an invoice is erroneously delivered to a department other than Accounts Payable, the department should immediately forward that invoice to Accounts Payable. Departments should refrain from requesting that invoices be mailed to them, unless instructed by Accounts Payable.

Our Commitment to assuring the continuous flow of the University's business processes will allow us to further develop sustainable relationships with current and future suppliers.