Telecommunications - Basic Voice Mail Instructions

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Telecommunications - Basic Voice Mail Instructions

Basic Voice Mail Instructions

To Access Voice Mail On campus: Dial 2000.
Off campus: Dial 824-2000.
Mailbox Number Same as your extension:
For example, if your phone number is 824-7551, then your mailbox number is 7551.
To Change Password Press 8* and follow prompts.
Message Indicator A broken dial tone (on single line phone) or a flashing LED on digital phones.
To Play Messages Press 2.
To Delete a Message Press 76.
To help preserve system integrity and storage capability, delete your message immediately after listening to them.
To Log off the System Press 83.
Do not just hang up. (However, if you are unable to use 83, then is will be necessary to just hang up the receiver.) 
To Record Greetings Press 8*. After the prompt, press 2.
Press 1 for external greeting or 2 for internal greeting.
Press 5 to start recording your message.
Press # to end the recording.
A suggested greeting is: "Hello, this is John Smith. I'm either away from my desk or on the phone right now. At the tone, please leave a message." If you are on the phone and receive another call, the call will "hunt" to your voice mail. (You do not have call waiting.)
Read Message Retention Set to 5 days.
After you have listened to a message, if you do not delete it yourself, after 5 days the system will delete it for you. 

 Note: If you delete a message and log off the voice mail system, the message cannot be "regenerated."

Voice Mail with No Password?

Tired of entering your mailbox and password every time you retrieve a voice mail message?  Send us your request for the Auto-Logon feature.  With this feature you do not have to enter your voice mailbox number and password every time you access voice mail from your office phone.

The Auto-Logon feature carries no installation or additional monthly fee.

If you would like these features, email Mary Jane at  Remember to include the four-digit extension number to be upgraded.