Got Surplus??

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Got Surplus??

How do you get rid of all that old, unused equipment that takes up space in your office or lab?

Have you looked around your office lately and said to yourself..."This place is a complete mess!!" Do you look over the stuff you have in your labs and closets only to notice that you have old, out-dated equipment and furniture just taking up space? When you ask yourself these questions, I bet you wish you could just make it all disappear so you could utilize the much needed space. Well never fear because there is a solution to your space problem! SURPLUS PICKUP BY CENTRAL RECEIVING!!!

Yes, that's right! Let the staff at Central Receiving help you clean out messy closets, over-crowded laboratories, and disastrous work spaces by removing all that old computer, lab, and miscellaneous equipment that has been sitting in your department just collecting dust!

Here are the benefits of utilizing these services for removing your surplus. First, and probably most important to you, is that you get all that old equipment and furniture out of your way. This clears space to serve more current storage needs for your department or laboratory. Second, when it comes to moving out all of that old unused equipment, you will no longer have to wade through unused equipment when it comes time to complete your physical inventory.

So, are you ready to clear out that old equipment? All you need to do is submit a Surplus Pickup Request Form to our office. For your convenience, the form is located on the Business Services website.

For more information, please contact Talbert Cox by email at or call 256-824-2173.

Surplus Pickup Request Form