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Are you confused about making Software and/or Software Maintenance Agreement/Rentals purchases?


Today we can find a number of manufactures and vendors with the latest Software and/or Maintenance Agreements to increase our productivity and further the University's research. Some Vendors can sell to educational institutions while others cannot. Vendor XYZ might be the sole proprietor of Software A, which cost $8,600.00, but Software B, which costs $8,600.00, can be purchased from several Vendors. Software A might require a signed license agreement; Software B does not. Software A might be a Sole Source item, while Software B has to go out on bid.

Confused? Not sure which way to go? Wondering if your Software purchase is unique or common?

Here are some tips to help your with your Software purchases:

Determine if the amount of your Software exceeds the Alabama Competitive Bid Law amount of $7,500.00.

Process your Requisition and submit all supporting documentation to Procurement Services for review.

Allow enough time between purchase date and date of use for review by Office of Counsel and completion of additional documentation by Procurement Services.

NEVER sign any documentation on behalf of the University. Only persons duly authorized by the University of Alabama System, Board of Trustees are authorized to sign contracts.

If you wish to have an on-campus demo, remember to inform and possibly include Procurement Services.

Remember that Procurement Services is here to assist you with your purchases.

We hope these tips will help you avoid confusion the next time you purchase Software and/or Software Maintenance Agreement(s). If you need additional help, do not hesitate to contact us!