Ever Wonder About Purchasing a New Computer?

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Ever wonder about purchasing a new Computer?

Here's what you need to know if you need a new computer...Check with Procurement First.

Today we rely on computers to aid in our work, and we're always looking for the most up-to-date technology at the best price. However, when you purchase a computer without consulting Procurement Services for the proper procedures and spend your personal funds you take the risk of not being reimbursed. Most retail stores such as Best Buy and Wal-Mart sell computers, but these computers are built for consumers, not for educational use. UAHuntsville's policy is to purchase business-grade equipment for business use.

The information below includes current options available for a computer purchase:

Computer and Servers - Bid T052128 - Dell Computer

Vendor No: A25034444          Valid thru 11-30-2015          Procurement Contact: 6492

In order to obtain electronic quotes for Dell with the current bid pricing users will need to access the Premier Dell website. New users to this site will be required to obtain an access code and key. To obtain your individual access, direct your request to Leslie_Mathison@DELL.com or to speak with Leslie, call 512-513-9586.

In the subject line of the email indicate "UAH Shopper Access". Include your name and email address in the body of your email. Once Dell has established your access, you will receive an email invitation and you may then go online and start shopping. At the Premier Dell page under "Purchasing Tools" you will need to select "Your Dell Store". At this point you may select from the various models available and customize your computer to meet your requirements. After selecting your various options, remember to "Update Price" and if no additional changes are necessary, select "Save E-quote". Software purchases beyond the operating system are not covered under the current bid and should be purchased through Computer & Network Services and/or the UAH Bookstore. To print a copy of your E-quote, select "Retrieve E-quote", select your E-quote number, select "View Order Details", and then select the print button. Once you obtain your E-quote be sure to include the E-quote number on screen 251 (Requisition text) of your electronic Requisition and forward a copy to Procurement referencing your requisition number. Your E-quote will expire after 60 days.

For customer support contact Dell at 800-274-7799. For technical support and service contact Dell at 800-234-1490, ext 7269077-Optiplex, ext7246699-Dimension, ext7269222-Workstation. You will need your service tag number of the computer and use customer #48753240 when ordering replacement parts.

The second link will also provide you with information for Apple, and again I have copied the text for your convenience:

Apple Computers-Sole Source

Apple Computers are classified as sole source products and may be purchased directly from Apple Computer. To obtain an electronic quote, access the Apple Computer website. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Call 6492 with questions regarding your computer purchases. No computers may be purchased on an emergency basis through the walk-through process.

A third option available is the purchase a generic or non-Dell, non-Apple computer.

Non-Dell/Non-Apple Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Pads and Servers - Bid CNR-01141 - GovConnection

Vendor No: A25034360          Valid Thru: 11/30/11          Procurement Contact: 6492

Please note that this Bid may not be used to purchase any Dell or Apple computer product.

For informational pricing: www.GovConnection.com

To obtain accurate contract pricing, contact the UAHuntsville GovConnection representative Melanie Lacurci at: 
Phone: 800-800-0019 x75044

Fax: 603-683-0491

Always identify yourself as a UAHuntsville faculty/staff member when requesting a quote and reference Contract Number CNR-011410 to obtain correct pricing. Melanie will provide an email quote, please forward this quote to purch@uah.edu and reference the REQ number. Submit the REQ through normal channels.

Generic Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Pads and Servers

Generic computers can also be configured by contacting a local computer vendor, these would include but are not limited to; GigaParts and DATAC. Contact information is a follows:
GigaParts, Inc
Paramount Place
1426B Paramount Drive
Huntsville, AL 35806
p. 256-535-4442

To report a problem with your system purchased from GigaParts log on to http://www.gigaparts.com/uah/index.php, username: uah, password: chargers.

DATAC Computers
3801 Triana Blvd. Suite D
Huntsville, AL 35805
p. (800) 880-6720 f. (256) 881-0143
robert@datacomputers.com - Owner & Senior Technician

Computers for UAHuntsville departmental use are not to be purchased through any other retailer without prior approval from Procurement Services. Requests for computer equipment must be submitted to Procurement Services via an electronic Requisition. Computer systems may not be purchased using the P-Card. This procedure enables the University to comply with the Alabama Competitive Bid Law and maintain proper tracking and asset accountability for inventory control purposes.

UAHuntsville Policy requires Business, Professional, or Ultimate releases for operating systems and software for business-use computer systems. Most business software, i.e. Microsoft Office suites, Anti-virus, etc. are under contract through the UAHuntsville TAG office. Use this link for further information http://www.uah.edu/its/forms/software or contact TAG at (256) 824-3333 or tag@uah.edu.

Procurement Services is here to assist in all of your computer needs. Feel free to contact us at anytime.