Welcome to Fall at UAHuntsville

Even in the heat of Summer, Business Services has been here to help...especially as you enter this Fall Semester. We hope that you will find valuable and timely information in this newsletter that will assist you in understanding the business processes that support the UAHuntsville community.

Top Ten Reasons To Follow UAHuntsville's Procurement Procedures:

10. Assures that your order will be processed expediently because it has gone through proper approvals.

9. Protects you and UAHuntsville in case of a dispute with a Vendor.

8. Helps to make sure the Vendor is clear on what is needed...thus no disputes.

7. Assures your Vendor will be paid promptly.

6. Keeps the state and internal auditors happy.

5. Confirms that your Vendor has proper insurance coverage.

4. Assures that UAHuntsville owns what is purchased.

3. Guarantees that your department will not pay sales tax.

2. Helps make sure that you are receiving a competitive price.

1. It's just good business practice!