UAH Procurement Card

Procurement Card Users

As a result of the a recent audit, we are in the process of implementing updates to the Procurement Card Policy. Please note that the per transaction limit has been increased to $2,999.99 effective as of October 1, 2015. Additional updates will be forthcoming.

Below you will find some updates to the Grant Procurement Card Policy.


Emergency and out in the field purchases only: It is not required that the cardholder delay purchases of commodities $2,999.99 or lower, until the Contracts & Grants Accounting (CGA) email approval is received.  


Prior to purchasing commodities $2999.99 or lower, submit an email to your Contracts & Grants Accountant (CGA) detailing your required purchase.  If this is an emergency or out in the field purchase, do not wait on the approval to make the purchase. Note:  When the approval is received, a print out of the approval email from CGA must be included in the reconciliation packet with the receipt. In addition, there must be a statement explaining the emergency or that you are out in the field included with the paperwork. This exception to the process is meant to address emergency and out in the field issues only, and is not meant to replace the normal Grant Procurement Card purchase process, where you must wait on the email from CGA approving the purchase.. 


However, if the commodities charged are deemed unallowable, the charges will be transferred to the default org on the cardholder's application.