Tips and Reminders

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Tips and Reminders

Limited Purchase Orders (LPOs) - As you may have already heard, we will be eliminating the use of LPOs as of February 1, 2011. LPOs were created to allow for routine purchases of office supplies, etc. An option that will enable these types of purchases is the Procurement Card. If you would like more information about participation in the Procurement Card Program, click on the following link. Procurement Card Program website

Change Order - For your convenience, a Change Order Requisition will no longer be necessary to cancel the remaining balance on a Purchase Order. An email requesting the cancellation of the remaining balance will be sufficient. You may send your request to

Walk-Thru/RUSH Requests - We hope that you have noticed that recent changes in our processes have greatly reduced the amount of time it typically takes to create a Purchase Order. Although we are aware that emergency situations arise, we believe these changes will lessen your need to submit Walk-Thru/RUSH Requisitions.

Campus Mail Reminders - Every building on campus has a mail drop area for United States Postal Service mail and Campus Mail. The mail is collected by each department's office personnel and redistributed to the appropriate faculty and staff. To avoid delivery errors, when you address Campus Mail, simply put the receiver's name and his or her department on the envelope. It is not necessary to include the receiver's office location, building, and room number. If you have any questions about Campus Mail, call 824-6116.

Important Reminder to Air Travelers - Individuals who travel by airplane on behalf of UAHuntsville should remember that reservations must always be made for coach class. UAHuntsville will not approve airfare for first class travel.