New Graduates

Once a Charger...Always a Charger!

Congratulations on your Accomplishment!


As a UAH graduate, your UAH Alumni Association offers you:


*Watch your diploma holder at Commencement for a special message from your UAH Alumni Association.


Next Steps

  1. How do I join the Alumni Association?  Are dues required?

    You are automatically a member upon graduation.  Membership is free by virtue of being a UAH alumnus.  Your membership card will be sent along with your diploma.

  2. Do I keep my e-mail after graduation?

    Only for a short time.  After 3 terms of non-enrollment (basically a year), your account is disabled.  However, you are automatically provided an alumni e-mail address ( a few months after graduation.  This is a full-service e-mail account (not a forwarding account).  All contacts and data from your student account can be easily transitioned to the alumni account.  If you will be re-enrolling for other studies at UAH, you will continue to keep your e-mail as long as you are enrolled.  Watch your for more details.