Jeffrey Neuschatz, Ph.D.

Chair, Professor, Psychology


Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D., Cognitive Psychology ,Binghamton University
  • M.A., General Experimental Psychology, SUNY Cortland
  • B.A., Roger Williams University

Classes Taught


  • Editorial Board, Law and Behavior


  • Neuschatz, J. S., Lawson, D. S., Powers, R. A., Fairless, A. H., Goodsell, C. A., Toglia, M. P. (2007).The mitigating effects of suspicion on post-identification feedback and on retrospective eyewitness memory. Law and Human Behavior, 31(3), 231-247.
  • Neuschatz, J. S., Lawson, D. S., Swanner, J. S., Meissner, C. A., & Neuschatz, J. S. (2008). The Effects of Accomplice Witnesses and Jailhouse Informants on Jury Decision Making. Law and Human Behavior 32(2), 137-149