Computer Labs

Multi-Media CenterMMC1

Located in Morton Hall 300, the Department of World Languages & Culture's Multi-Media Center (MMC) provides a space where students can work to improve their proficiency in their target language. The MMC includes interactive computers, an audio/video library, meeting space, and tutoring services. All students, not only World Languages students, are invited to spend their free time relaxing and/or studying in the MMC.

Twelve interactive computers are equipped with high-quality headphones and microphones which enable students to take advantage of the many opportunities for improving and maintaining proficiency in their target languages via online resources. These include student companion sites that are linked to their classroom studies as well as language-learning websites that are independent resources in addition to the A/V materials available in the MMC library.

The MMC Audio/Video library contains hundreds of movies in French, German, Russian, and Spanish to be viewed within the MMC. While videos cannot be checked out, a large television is available for viewing films. The library also offers a collection of Pimsleur language CDs in French, German, Russian, Spanish, and Japanese.

MMC2The meeting space affords tables and seating for student organizations to hold their meetings, for teachers to present lectures and seminars, for independent study, and for meetings with tutors.

The MMC tutoring program has been assembled with great care to provide tutoring services to Foreign Language Students. A dedicated tutor for each of our major languages is available for several hours each week. Arrangements can be made for each tutor to provide a "conversation session" open to all those who would like to meet for a relaxed but guided conversation in the target language. Tutors are also available for assistance with classroom topics or any other language-related needs.

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