Humanities Center Public Programming Grants are awarded on a continuous basis throughout the fiscal year. Each individual or group may request funds to help support an event which benefits the UAH community and/or the larger community in which UAH is a member. Examples of the types of programs sponsored are: symposia, forums, lectures, visiting faculty, demonstrations, workshops, etc. We do stipulate that the purpose of the event must correspond with the mission of the Center, to promote the humanities.


All full-time faculty members of the University of Alabama in Huntsville who are applying for assistance with humanities-related projects are eligible. Non-UAH organizations seeking awards must coordinate with a member of the UAH faculty.


Awards are made by the Humanities Center Director based on the availability of funds and the ability of the project to meet the criteria of being called humanities-related.


A completed application form must be submitted to the Humanities Center. An award letter will be sent to confirm your award if it is granted. If you do not receive such an award letter, you should contact the Humanities Center office to confirm the status of your request.

Amount of Awards

There is no minimum or maximum award with public programming grants. Grants are awarded on a discretionary basis by the Director based upon the availability of funds, the number of requests and merits of the project.

Distribution of Awards

Awards are disbursed according to UAH policies and depending on the type of project. Normally, it is the policy of the Humanities Center to reimburse the home labor account of each department for the exact amount of expenses using a Transfer Authorization form.

Request for Humanities Center Public Programming Funds


Submit a Public Programming Grant Request