Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I apply for a grant?

The first step is to identify where your project fits within the programs of the UAH Humanities Center. All programs are administered by one office: Travel Grants, Public Programs, Research Programs, and Matching Funds.

2. What is in an application?

Each program has special instructions on how to prepare your application. Use the guidelines as a quick reference for what should be included and how to submit your application.

3. When should I apply?

Each program has its own deadline. Contact the Humanities department for deadlines.

4. How should I submit my application?

Applicants should see the instructions included with each program guideline.

5. How are proposals evaluated?

Proposals are assessed by Humanities Center Steering Committee members, who represent a broad range of disciplines and expertise. Their recommendations go to the Director of the Humanities Center, who in turn has final grant-making authority.

6. When can I expect to hear a decision?

An applicant should expect to wait two to four weeks after the deadline to hear a decision. Some grant programs have a shorter waiting period.

7. Do I need to acknowledge the UAH Humanities Center?

Yes, acknowledgement is required in all UAH Humanities Center funded materials and products.

8. What are Humanities Center's rights to the products?

The Endowment reserves a royalty-free nonexclusive and irrevocable right to reproduce, publish or otherwise use a work produced with UAH Humanities Center funding and to authorize others to do so for federal purposes.

9. What kind of help is available?

If you are interested in applying, or simply have a project idea you would like to discuss, we invite you to contact Steering Committee Members either by email or telephone. Program officers can offer advice about projects, and review preliminary drafts (for most programs, if they are submitted well before the deadline).

10. Who is eligible for a grant?

Individuals: If you are a full-time UAH faculty member in a humanities field or a full-time UAH faculty member from another discipline working on a project that is humanities-related you are eligible to apply for a grant.

Institutions: U.S. nonprofit institutions (public agencies or private nonprofit organizations) are eligible for funding when working in collaboration with a full-time UAH faculty member. State and local governments are also eligible when working in collaboration with a full-time UAH faculty member. IRS tax-exempt status is required for grants. You will need to check the guidelines of a specific program for any other special requirements. Cultural institutions such as museums, archives, libraries, colleges, universities, historical societies, public television and radio stations are funded only if working with a full-time UAH faculty member.

11. What our grants do not fund:

Creative or performing works of art

Projects that are directed at persuading an audience to a particular political, philosophical, religious, or ideological point of view

Projects that deal solely with pedagogical theory or that are intended to improve writing, speaking, or thinking skills apart from a focus on specific humanities content; projects to fulfill degree requirements.

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