Degree Options

At UAH, you can pursue the Foreign Language major or minor with a Spanish focus, or you can complete the Foreign Language and International Trade (FLIT) major with a Spanish concentration. If you cannot major in Spanish or FLIT, you can combine a minor in Spanish with another major. The course work for these degrees focuses not only on improving your ability to communicate in Spanish, but also helps you develop expertise in various aspects of Spanish culture, from literature to the workplace. Exciting courses taught in recent semesters include seminars on Chilean and Mexican literature, as well as a professional Spanish course covering topics such as Spanish for business, medicine, and social work. UAH has faculty members who specialize in both the literature and culture of Spain and of Latin America so that students have the opportunity to pursue various areas of study. The Spanish Program is a great way to enhance your studies in another discipline and help prepare yourself for a globally-engaged career or further academic study.