Red Scare on Sunset

This spoof, set in Hollywood in 1951, focuses on the film star Mary Dale as she finds herself in the middle of a communist plot to take over Hollywood and destroy the "star system." This edgy comedy embraces the film style made commonplace in such movies as "The Women" "The Red Menace" and "His Girl Friday."

The Cast

Stephanie Tanner as Mary Dale

Nicole Swann as Pat Pilford

Jason Pittman as Frank Taggert

April Ayala as Marta Towers / Salesgirl

Ben James as Mitchell Drake

Brandon Dauphinais as Bertram Barker

Jeff Graham as Malcomb/Uncle Sven/Yetta Felson

Jeff Sandridge as R.G.Benson.

On December 9, Red Scare on Sunset was performed at the BMCC Studio Theatre in Manhattan. The entire cast traveled to NYC for this unique educational collaboration with the Borough of Manhattan Community College.