Graduate Research

List of recent Master's theses projects and faculty supervisor. 

Jennifer Brown Morgan (2014, Carpenter): Effects of Personality, Communication, and Cross-training on Virtual Team Performance

Amanda Pryor (2014, Carpenter): Cross-training in Virtual Teams

Casey Thomas (2014, Carpenter): Understanding the Components of Online Identity Disclosure: Trust and Risk Perceptions

Daniella Cash (2014, Neuschatz): Disentangling the Three Theories of Unconscious Transference

Status F14: Doctoral Program, Louisiana State University

Kelsey McElroy (2014, Price): Perceived Stimuli Size and Font Size Influences on Judgments of Learning

Status F14: Support Staff, Alabama Psychological Services Center

Kimberly Beam (2014, O’Brien): Examining the Role of Incomplete Information on Tornado Warning Response

Kristin Weger (2013, Carpenter): Virtual Team Performance: Effects of Reflexivity, Transactive Memory, and Situation Awareness

Status F14: Doctoral Program, The University of Braumbach, Germany

Michael Graham (2013, Neuschatz): Judgments of Learning as Postdictors of Accuracy
Status F14: User Experience Researcher, Northrop Grumman Corporation

Alex Wooten (2013, Neuschatz): Showups vs. Lineups: Can Showups Be Reliable?

Status F14: Doctoral Program, Texas A & M - Commerce

William Exley (2012, Carpenter/Neuschatz): The Effects of Expert Testimony Regarding Secondary Confessions on Jury Decision Making and Perceptions

Status F14: Learning Manager, Leadership Development Department, Progress Rail

Sarah Meacham (2012, Price): The Influence of Feedback on Self-Regulated Learning in a Chinese Language Task

Lindsey Clement (2012, Price): Number Estimation and Feedback

David Stephenson (2012, Torres): The Influence of Worry on Ratings of Visual Pain Stimuli

Status F14: Doctoral Program, The University of New Orleans

Devin Harker (2011, Neuschatz): The Effects of Courtroom Identifications and Defense Warnings on Mock Juror Decision Making

Status F14: QuickBooks Advisor & Intuit Solution Provider at Diversified Business Solutions

Stacey Wetmore (2011, Neuschatz): On the Power of Secondary Confession Evidence

Status F14: Doctoral Candidate, The University of Oklahoma

Joy McClung (2011, Torres): The Effect of Stress on Story Generation

Status F14: Senior Administrative Assistant, Provost Office, UAH

Cassie Stutts (2011, Torres): The Presence of Sound Symbolism Effects for 3-D Objects

Status F14: Doctoral Program, Florida State University

Lauren Jones (2010, Price): Does Increasing Metacognitive Awareness Alleviate Retrieval-induced Forgetting Effects?

Status F14: Doctoral Candidate, Mississippi State University

Abigail Harris (2010, Seemann): The Effects of Mortality Salience on Perceived Quality of Life

Status F14: PhD, University of Alabama in Birmingham, Instructor at UAB