Political Organizations

Campus Libertarian Club

The Campus Libertarian Club was formed for a variety of reasons, among which are a forum for group discussion and an activist community for students and citizens alike. The major goal of the Campus Libertarian Club is to help individuals identify their own political beliefs and foster interest in the inter-workings of government regardless of ones place on the political spectrum. With the fostering of interest in politics, there is a goal to stimulate and involve students in political thinking and practical discussion of current issues around Huntsville, the state of Alabama, the nation, and the world.

Contact Information
Mark Ruocco (President)
Tel. (256) 536-8852

Steve Dow (Faculty Advisor)
Tel. (256) 824-6406

UAH Democrats

The UAH Democrats meet to provide a medium for discussing outstanding local, state, regional, national, and global issues. The goal of the club is to foster an understanding of political parties and their role in the governmental framework of the United States. The UAH Democrats explore budgetary concerns (debts, surpluses), civil rights (marriage, equal employment, Patriot Act), education (charter schools, vouchers), energy and oil (renewable energy, R&D), environment, foreign policy, health care, homeland security, and principles and values.