Student Government Association

The Executive

The Executive Branch of the Student Government Association enforces the will and mission of the organization. It is composed of an Executive President, an Executive Vice President, a Vice President of Finance, and all Executive Cabinet positions. The Executive President presides over the SGA, nominates people to all open positions within the SGA, and serves as the representative of the entire Student Body at all public and school events. The Executive Vice President serves as the Presiding office over the Senate and is an integral part of the decision making process. The Vice President of Finance is an appointed position within the SGA that is accountable for all funds under the SGA's control. The Executive Cabinet positions are responsible for aiding the Executive Branch in the implementation of the Association's will and mission.

The Assembly

The Assembly is the legislative branch of the SGA, which is separated into the Senate and the House of Representatives. In the monthly meetings, the Assembly often passes articles of legislation of importance to the students of the University. It is also the responsibility of the Assembly to confirm or deny the Executive President's nomination for the position of Vice President of Finance.


The Senate is made up of 20 Senators, four from each class, including graduate students. Senators are elected at the beginning of each fall semester. If seats become vacant for any reason, it is the duty of the SGA president to find a replacement to fill that seat. Senate's purpose: According to Article III, Sections 4-7 of the SGA Constitution, "The Senate shall serve to concern itself with legislative activities pertaining to the long-range planning, advancement, and development of the SGA and the University." According to the Constitution, Senators have the following powers and duties:

  • One vote in all legislative matters
  • Serve in one standing committee
  • Attend scheduled meetings of the Senate
  • Perform all duties as assigned by legislation
  • Exhibit a responsible attitude toward the Senate and SGA
  • Sets election timeline for House elections

Anyone in Senate may introduce legislation, and send it to the Rules committee for review. Within the Senate, there are four different groups, or committees, that perform different tasks. First is Academic Affairs, which focuses on improving student instructor relationships. Second, there is the Organizations committee, whose main concern is club charters. Anytime a new club wants to form at UAH, there must be a request submitted to the Senate's Organizations committee. Campus Affairs handles occurrences on campus that may affect the students and the campus. Finally, the Rules committee enforces rules within the Senate, and reviews and produces legislation for the Senate to discuss. Although these are the four main committees, there are times when special committees are formed.

House of Representatives

The House of Representatives is composed of 35 members, split proportionally by college--the more students enrolled in a specific college, the more representatives it has in the House. As a whole, the House deals mostly with short-term goals; for example, through Resolutions, it has acted upon requests for a 20-minute parking zone in front of Southeast Housing, the privatization of student contact information, and more efficient network access around campus. It also approves funding requests from clubs and organizations.

For additional SGA information, visit the Student Government Association website.

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