Political Science Club

The political science club provides a venue for the discussion of political and governmental issues that enrich the academic programs of political science majors and minors. It provides an opportunity for students to discuss controversial issues, explore current events, and to acquire a broader perspective on government and politics in the United States and the world. What is accomplished in the setting of the Political Science club is indicative of its members and designated leaders.

The Club is student centered and is as active as its membership chooses. As such, its activity varies from year to year with each required renewal. In 2003-04 the club was quite engaging, undertaking fundraising, sponsoring debates and trips, and organizing social events. Fundraisers included selling pizza, drinks, candy, and baked goods once a week, t-shirts, raffles, and other similar events. The fundraising activities allowed club members to travel to Montgomery, Alabama to attend a legislative session and the Presidential Inauguration in Washington, D.C.

Interested in revamping the Political Science club or starting anew? The Club must be renewed each year. It must be remembered that the club is not a duty that someone ensures is taking place, but rather a venue for students to gather to accomplish whatever goals its members may set. If the Political Science club is found to be inactive for any reason and there is interest in restarting it, then there are steps that can and must be taken to make it happen. The first step is to contact the faculty advisor for the political science club, Dr. Andr'e Reeves.

Contact Information
Dr. Andrée Reeves
MH 250B
(256) 824-2397