Studio Instruction

Studio Instruction Syllabus

Every student enrolled in Studio Instruction (Private Lessons) is subject to the Departmental Studio Instruction Syllabus. This includes any course number beginning with the prefixes MUA or MUJ.

In addition to this standard syllabus, each instructor may add an additional syllabus with additional requirements and information. The instructor syllabus, if it exists, augments the Departmental syllabus rather than replacing it.

Departmental Syllabus for Studio Instruction

Courses Covered:

  • MUA 111, 211, 411 – Voice
  • MUA 121, 221, 421 – Organ
  • MUA 131, 231, 431 – Piano
  • MUA 141, 241, 441 – Guitar
  • MUA 151, 251, 451 – Strings (violin, viola, cello, bass, harp)
  • MUA 161, 261, 461 – Woodwinds (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone)
  • MUA 171, 271, 471 – Brass (trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba)
  • MUA 181, 281, 481 – Percussion
  • MUJ 131, 231 – Jazz Piano
  • MUJ 141, 241 – Jazz Guitar
  • MUJ 151, 251 – Jazz Bass
  • MUJ 161, 261 – Jazz Woodwinds
  • MUJ 171, 271 – Jazz Brass
  • MUJ 181, 281 – Jazz Percussion
  • MUJ 498 – Senior Jazz Recital
  • MUA 498 – Senior Recital
  • MUA 499 – Performance Emphasis Recital

Progression through Studio Instruction

Each Music Major must complete a minimum of four semesters of 200-level Studio Instruction in his or her "primary instrument." At the end of each semester, the student must perform a jury. After four (or more) semesters of 200-level Studio Instruction, the student may be considered for advancement to 400-level Studio Instruction. This is not automatic. The jury at the end of the semester must recommend promotion to 400-level Studio Instruction before the student may enroll in it.

Each Music Major must complete a minimum of one semester of 400-level Studio Instruction before being allowed to register for the Senior Recital. Music Majors with an Emphasis in Performance must complete a minimum of one additional semester of 400-level Studio Instruction after the Senior Recital before being allowed to register for the Performance Emphasis Recital.

Levels of Attainment for Studio Instruction

The documents below outline the levels of attainment expected of music majors as they progress through their Studio Instruction. They are organized by Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, and should be used as a guide to determining the students progression through the Studio Instruction expectations for Music Majors. Note that the jazz instruments are not available as "primary instruments" for the music major, but are available as secondary instruments.

Voice Violin Flute Trumpet Jazz Piano
Organ Viola Oboe Horn Jazz Guitar
Piano Cello Clarinet Trombone/Euphonium Jazz Bass
Guitar Bass Bassoon Tuba Jazz Horns
Harp Saxophone Percussion Jazz Drums