Roberts Recital Hall


Reservation Form for
Outside Organizations

Reservation Form for
UAH Music Student Recitals

Usage Policies

  • Groups desiring to schedule an event in the UAH Roberts Recital Hall must complete the Recital Hall Reservation Form, which is available online at

  • Non-UAH Music events during a school year beginning in the fall will not be scheduled before the preceding May 1.

  • Due to a lack of student workers, events will not be scheduled during the last three weeks of fall or spring semesters, or any time during the summer.

  • The hall is for University-related events, as available.

  • Qualifying music organizations (see below) will be able to use the hall under the following guidelines:

    • A department technical assistant must be paid to open and close the room, and for any access to the lighting booth. There is a minimum fee of $25 for each time the technical assistant needs to be in attendance. Any time the technical assistant is needed for more than two-and-one-half hours, the fee will be $10 per hour.

    • Sound equipment, percussion equipment, and the Steinway grand piano are for Music Department events only.

    • If admission is charged for a non-UAH event, the UAH Music Scholarship Fund shall receive a donation.

    • Any necessary piano tuning must be paid for by the guest organization. The fee for this must be paid to the Department of Music at least one month before the event. The current fee is $85.

    • Clean up after an event (including receptions) is the responsibility of the guest organization, and must be completed immediately following the event.

    • Please do not place items on the pianos or the percussion instruments.

    • All of the above fees are independent of any charges made by the University for utilities or other costs.

    • The UAH Music Department does not sell tickets for outside organizations, nor should the Music Department phone number be used in advertising.

  • Qualifying music organizations include:

    • Known community music groups.

    • School music groups.

    • Visiting musicians from other universities.

    • Music groups sponsored by a UAH Music Department faculty member. The sponsoring faculty member must be in attendance at the event.