Bhavani Sitaraman


Bhavani Sitaraman
Interim Chair and Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, 1990 

Introduction to Sociology
Cultural Anthropology
Statistics for the Social Sciences
Sociology of Religion
Sociology of Globalization


Biographical Sketch
Bhavani Sitaraman was born and raised in Madras (Chennai), India and has lived in the United States since 1980. She completed her Bachelor's in Journalism and Public Relations at Stella Maris College, India, in 1980. She landed in the United States the same year hoping to pursue graduate studies in Mass Communications. Accidentally, she discovered sociology after taking a class in Social Movements and decided to change course. She received the M.A. in Sociology from Ohio University (1983), and the Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst (1990). The original two-year visit to the United States had turned into a decade of learning and living. Since then she has taught at Denison University (1990-1993) and University of Alabama in Huntsville (1993-present). She teaches courses in Cultural Anthropology, Sociology of Globalization, Sociology of Religion, Statistics, and Research Methods. Her research interests include gender and family policy in India and the United States. She recently engaged in field research in India on workers in "call centers" servicing customers overseas. She is fortunate to have two places she calls home and travels to India as often as she can.

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Bhavani Sitaraman
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