Auditions - Music Majors and Minors

Auditions are required for all NEW APPLICANTS planning to major or minor in music at UAH.

Following the audition, students will receive written notification of acceptance. Upon acceptance, the student should contact the Department of Music office as soon as possible to arrange for course advising.  Call 256-824-6436 or email Note: Students are allowed to audition a second time if they are not accepted on the first audition.

ONE audition will serve for both admission and scholarship consideration. Priority auditions for students entering in Fall 2016, will be on Saturday, February 6, 2016 (Voice only) and Saturday, March 12, 2016 (All)To reserve an audition time, new music students should fill out the online form below.

RETURNING STUDENTS (students who are already majoring in music at UAH):

who wish to be considered for additional scholarships will audition on TBA . Read more about these scholarship auditions here.

Below are recommendations on audition materials:

Vocalists should prepare two pieces in contrasting styles selected from standard classical vocal repertoire. A foreign language piece is preferred, but not required. Singers must have an accompanist (contact the Music Department if you need help arranging for an accompanist).  Instrumentalists should prepare two pieces (or etudes) in contrasting styles. One of these may be from the All-State Band or Orchestra audition list.Instrumentalists should also be prepared to play all major scales, the A melodic minor scale, and the C harmonic minor scale. An accompanist is welcome, but not required. Music Majors:
Two pieces in contrasting styles, performed by memory from standard classical repertoire for solo piano (Ex. Bach “Prelude and Fugue” from The Well-Tempered Clavier, or a single movement of a Haydn, Mozart or Beethoven Piano Sonata)
Music Minors :
Two pieces in contrasting styles, performed by memory from the standard intermediate classical repertoire for solo piano (Ex. Bach “Two-Part Invention”; Clementi-“Sonatinas”, Chopin “Mazurka”)

For further information about the audition process, please contact the UAH Department of Music at 256-824-6436 or email

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