Ensemble Auditions

What is a UAH Music Ensemble?

UAH has a wide range of musical opportunities for student participation including a variety of choirs such as Men’s and Women’s Choirs as well as Chamber and Concert Choirs. For instrumentalists, we offer Wind Ensemble, Pep Band, Jazz Band, and Jazz Combos.

Who may participate in these UAH Music Ensembles?

Membership in all UAH music ensembles is open to ALL STUDENTS, regardless of major.

Must I audition for membership in these ensembles?

Yes. All students must audition for ensembles each semester.

If I’m interested in more than one ensemble, must I audition for them separately?

There are five primary categories of ensembles:  choirs, bands, jazz, opera, and strings.  You only need a single audition to be considered for multiple ensembles within each category, but you do need separate auditions for ensembles that cross categories.  We can arrange to hold the auditions on the same day, however.

Can I receive a scholarship for participating in UAH Music Ensembles?

Yes. A limited amount of Scholarship Monies is available to all students, regardless of major,  for each ensemble, upon successful audition.

If I’m interested in membership in an ensemble AND a scholarship for that ensemble does that require two different auditions?

No. One audition will serve for both membership and scholarship.

When are the New-Member Auditions for UAH Music Ensembles and Ensemble Scholarships?

We often arrange for special ensemble audition days.  Other than those, auditions can be arranged individually by contacting the appropriate ensemble director.  There is a list of ensemble directors here.

What Should I Play or Sing for that Audition?

UAH Wind Ensemble

Major Scales and any prepared solo that demonstrates student’s technical and musical abilities. An etude, technique study, All-State band solo, or concerto will be sufficient, so long as it accurately demonstrates technical and musical proficiency. No accompaniment is necessary. Audition material should not exceed 5 minutes in duration.

UAH Jazz Ensemble

Jazz audition information is here.

UAH Choral Ensembles

The audition, which only takes about 15 minutes, includes vocalization to determine vocal quality and range, tonal memory exercises, and short rhythm and sight-reading exercises.  No need to prepare any material beforehand. Please note that singing with a UAH Choir is considered a full-year commitment; as such, we require that students sign up for both semesters.

What if I have more questions about ensembles and auditions?

Simply contact the ensemble conductor directly for questions or more information. You can find that info here. We’re happy to help you become a part of the Music Department at UAH.