Jazz Auditions

The UAH Department of Music has two large jazz ensembles (big bands) and two smaller jazz combos. Assignment to a specific group will depend on the jazz auditions.

Jazz auditions can be scheduled individually by contacting Dr. Don Bowyer to arrange an audition time: bowyerd@uah.edu or 256-824-2582. The best time period for auditioning for the fall semester is between February and April. Please do not wait until school starts!

For Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone, Piano, Bass, and Guitar

In the audition, you will play two tunes:

You will play them with a recorded rhythm section, which means you must keep the tempo. All you need to do is play one time through the melody of each tune — improvisation is optional. If you choose to improvise, do so during the second chorus. Click on the links above to download the sheet music for your instrument as well as the play-along recording for practice.

For Drums

In the audition, you will be asked to play from the sheet below:

Most Important Factors (in this order):

  • Can you swing?
  • Do you keep the tempo?
  • Do you have a good sound?
  • Are you in tune?
  • Do you get the right rhythms?
  • Do you get the right notes?

If you have questions, contact Dr. Don Bowyer, UAH Jazz Director, at bowyerd@uah.edu or 256-824-2582.