Information for History Majors

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To earn a BA in History, a student must take a minimum of 30 semester hours in history beyond HY 103 and 104.  


  • Graduating seniors will be able to:HY 221, 222, 290 (Craft of History), and 490 (capstone research seminar) are required.  
  • A history major must take a minimum of 21 semester hours in courses numbered 300 or above; 9 semester hours must be 400-level courses (including 490).
  • A history major is required to take at least 6 semester hours in American history beyond HY 221 and HY 222 and at least 6 hours in non-American History beyond HY 103 and 104.
  • For the complete requirements for the BA, click here.

Graduates of the UAH History Department will be able to: 

  1. Display knowledge of important events, periods, and their significance in history.
  2. Deploy skills of critical historical analysis.
  3. Conduct historical research.
  4. Communicate historical knowledge to other people.
  5. Practice historical thinking as central to engaged citizenship. 

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Graduates of the UAH History Department have succeeded in a wide range of careers.  They are chief executives (Discovery Channel, Alabama Power), teachers at all levels, scholars, government analysts, museum curators, business owners, and more.   

A student majoring in history will find a variety of programs of study enabling one to develop depth and breadth in history and some related areas from the other humanities, the social sciences, mathematics, and the natural sciences. Counseling is available in the History Department for programs of study including the following: graduate school preparation, general, preprofessional and prelaw preparation, international studies, secondary school teaching, and the fine arts. A student who wishes to plan an individual program of study can do so through a history 

advisor and with the coordination of the department chair.