Requirements for History Majors

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A few students laughing with advisor.A student majoring in history must include in the academic program a minimum of 30 semester hours in history beyond HY 103-104. The U.S. survey courses (HY 221-222) and the History methods course (HY 290) are required. A history major must take a minimum of 21 semester hours in courses numbered 300 or above; 9 semester hours must be 400-level courses, and must include HY 490. A history major is required to take a minimum of 6 semester hours in American history beyond HY 221 and 222 and a minimum of 6 semester hours in non-American history excluding HY 103-104 (GER). Students are encouraged to complete as many upper division courses as possible before enrolling in HY 490.

History students may also pursue an already approved and published composite major such as the Slavic Area Studies Program. As currently established, a composite major consists of a minimum of 36 semester hours, 24 of which must be upper division. In the Slavic Area Studies Program, history contributes six courses including HY 101-102 or 103-104, four of which must be upper division and include HY 490.

A student majoring in history will find a variety of programs of study enabling one to develop depth and breadth in history and some related areas from the other humanities, the social sciences, mathematics, and the natural sciences. Counseling is available in the History Department for programs of study including the following: graduate school preparation, general, preprofessional and prelaw preparation, international studies, secondary school teaching, and the fine arts. A student who wishes to plan an individual program of study can do so through a history advisor and with the coordination of the department chair.