Evan Ragland

Evan Ragland in front of snowy mountains.

Assistant Professor of History
416 Roberts Hall
(256) 824-6890

Areas of Specialty

  • History of Science
  • History of Medicine
  • Early Modern Europe
  • History and Philosophy of Experiment
  • History of the Senses
  • Vita

Evan Ragland earned his B.S. in history and mathematics from Hillsdale College and his M.A. and Ph.D. from Indiana University in the History and Philosophy of Science. At IU, he studied the history and philosophy of science from ancient cultures to current policy, specializing in early-modern science and medicine. His dissertation reconstructs the history of chymico-anatomical experimentation in research on digestion and disease from seventeenth-century Leiden in the Netherlands to the nineteenth-century scientific medicine of Claude Bernard. He has long-term interests in the history of experiment, the relations between science and medicine, and the complex interaction of science and religion. He teaches courses in the history of science and medicine and early modern Europe. The history of alchemy, chymistry, and chemistry also intrigues him, and he has worked on Isaac Newton's chymical manuscripts, transcribing and encoding a portion of the roughly one million words Newton wrote on the subject. Along with this textual work, he was part of a team re-creating some of Newton's chymical recipes. He has done archival research in London, Amsterdam, Leiden, Den Haag, and Delft. He loved his stay in the Netherlands, and has published on early-modern Dutch medical experimentation in Early Science and Medicine and on chymistry and taste in Ambix. He received the 2011 Partington Prize from the Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry. Most recently, he received the 2012 Shryock Medal from the American Association for the History of Medicine.

At UAH, he enjoys teaching the history of science, technology, and medicine as well as world history. So far, he usually prefers the life of a historian to his previous jobs as a mover, retail clerk, factory worker, and IT assistant. When he's not researching or writing, Evan loves spending time with his wife, Zoe, and their kids, Charlotte and Josiah.

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