Allied Option-Psychology

The following graduate Psychology courses have been approved for the allied field requirement in the Technical Communication Graduate Certificate. Consult the Psychology Department for further information, such as relevant prerequisites for students without a Psychology degree.

PSY 502 Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Application of basic principles of learning, motivation, research and perception to typical industrial and organizational problems. [This also fits well with PSC 619]

Prerequisite: Senior or Graduate Standing

PSY 520 Special Topics (approval for Certificate depends on topic)

Study of pre-announced special areas in seminar discussion, laboratory work, or practicum. Prerequisite: Graduate standing and approval of instructor. NOTE: In Spring 1997, the topic was Human Factors with Dr. Bliss. This was approved for the Certificate.

PSY 606 Language Development

Stages and processes of the development of language and communication skills.

Prerequisite: Graduate Standing in Psychology (or permission of instructor).

PSY 628 Human Learning Theory

Critical examination of behavior changes commonly called "learning," as well as closely related behavioral phenomena such as transfer, retention, and stimulus generalization.

Prerequisite: Graduate Standing in Psychology (or permission of instructor).