Allied Option-Education

The following graduate Education courses have been approved for the allied field requirement in the Technical Communication Graduate Certificate. Consult the Education Department for further information, such as relevant prerequisites.

ED 630 Modern Secondary School Programs

Survey of main foundational ideas of education in philosophic and social perspectives; survey of important trends and issues; analysis of curricula in relation to subject fields.

ED 593 Education of Exceptional Children and Youth

Introduction to the field of exceptional children and youth, including observations. This course, or equivalent, is a prerequisite to teacher certification.

ED 603 Reading in the Content Areas

Instruction in developing reading skills, methods and materials. Motivations of children and adolescents, functional reading and the atypical learner. Diagnosis and remediation of related deficiencies. Other related topics for regular and special education teacher.

Computer Science/Education

These courses are restricted to people currently teaching in the public schools.

CS 520 Computer-Based Instructional Technologies

Introduces prospective teachers to current state of the art in educational technology. Extensive hands-on experiences with microcomputers and other emerging technology.

CS 560 Current and Emerging Instructional Technologies

Designed to build competency in computer technologies appropriate to instructional use. Concepts of authoring and scripting will be used to unify course materials.