Allied Option-Computer Science

The following graduate Computer Science courses have been approved for the allied field requirement in the Technical Communication Graduate Certificate. Consult the Computer Science Department for further information, such as relevant prerequisites.

CS 520 & 560/ ED 520 & 560 Instructor: Dr. Carroll

These courses are restricted to people teaching in the public schools.

CS 520 Computer-Based Instructional Technologies

Introduces prospective teachers to current state of the art in educational technology. Extensive hands-on experiences with microcomputers and other emerging technology.

CS 560 Current and Emerging Instructional Technologies

Designed to build competency in computer technologies appropriate to instructional use. Concepts of authoring and scripting will be used to unify course materials. Prerequisite: CS/ED 520.

CS 530 & 630 Instructor: Dr. Dan Rochowiak

CS 530 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Basic introduction to AI concepts and methods for problem solving, heuristic search, planning, hypothesis formation, modeling and knowledge representation, knowledge acquisition (learning), and AI's programming methodologies and tools. Applications of AI in areas of automatic programming, theorem proving, game playing, machine vision, natural language systems and robots. Prerequisites: CS 317 Introduction to Design and Analysis of Algorithms, and CS 424 Introduction to Programming Languages.

CS 630 Artificial Intelligence

A rigorous treatment of the issues and ideas of artificial intelligence. Topics include knowledge representation, automated deduction, search control, machine learning, and meta-level architectures. Prerequisites: CS 530

CS 545 & 551

CS 545 Introduction to Computer Graphics

Introduction to the underlying theory and mechanics of computer graphics. Brief historical perspective, progressing through extended discussion on topics such as display hardware technology, 2D raster operations, 2D and 3D geometric transformations, and 3D projection and viewing techniques. A significant number of programming projects are assigned. Prerequisites: CS 312 (or proficiency with C programming language), MA 244

CS 551 Object Oriented Software Development

Instructor: Dr. Harry Delugach

Object oriented methods and design concepts, languages and systems for object oriented development, object oriented programming environments, application of object oriented techniques. [NOTE: This is mostly design and analysis, not programming. Course fills quickly and closes; preregistration essential.] Prerequisite: CS 207 (C programming)