Graduate Program in English - Financial Assistance

What should I know about financial support?

For general issues associated with financial aid, please see There, you will find information about loans and procedures for obtaining need-based financial support.

In addition, the English Department has a limited number of opportunities for financial support. Because there are often more deserving students than we have money to support them, competition for these awards is keen. We offer two kinds of support for graduate students: Tuition scholarships and Graduate Teaching Assistantships.  

Tuition scholarships will cover all or part of your tuition for an academic year. The Department generally has two such scholarships to distribute, and most often divides them to provide partial support to a greater number of students.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships require you to take a minimum of nine (9) hours of coursework per semester and work approximately 20 hours a week, generally including teaching one or more studio sections of EH 101S: Intensive Writing Studio each semester, and working as a consultant in the Student Success Center. Often GTAs will also conduct research or provide additional support to other faculty members if enrollments do not require their presence in the classroom; the Director of Freshman Composition and the Director of Graduate Studies (often with a committee) will make such assignments. Assistantships typically must be held for an entire academic year, although sometimes offers are made for only one semester. They cover tuition and pay a stipend of $4230 per semester. Students may not hold other paid employment during the time of the appointment. The Department currently has seven GTA positions per year, although in most instances students will hold the position for a second year if their program of study permits the additional hours of enrollment; in any given year, then, we may only have two or three positions to offer to new applicants.

The Department meets each spring to make awards, and reaches its decisions based on the students’ past academic performance. To apply for financial support, please download or pick up an application in the Department and return it by February 15th.