Graduate Program in English - Requirements for Teacher Certification

Are there other requirements for candidates for Teacher Certification?

In addition to the requirements for any applicant to our programs, the Department of Education has additional requirements.  Because such requirements do shift regularly (and are outside UAH’s control), students are advised to confirm with the Education Program that they meet the current requirements. However, at this time, students admitted to any of the programs that include teacher certification must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5. Such students have additional requirements as follows:

If you have a B.A. in English, you will need to take or to have taken the following courses:  ED 301: Introduction to Education Practicum; EHL 307: Linguistic Structure of Modern English, unless you incorporate EHL 505: Survey of General Linguistics or EHL 507: Advanced English Grammar Studies into your M.A. program; EH 400: Composition Studies for Teachers, unless you incorporate either EH 500: Composition Studies for Teachers or EH 601: Writing Pedagogy into your M.A. program. You will also need to have met certain distribution requirements, including courses in 1) Speech, 2) Drama or Acting, and 3) Journalism or Mass Media. Those courses can be taken at UAH alongside your M.A. program if they were not part of your original B.A. degree. You may wish to have the Director of Graduate Studies look at an unofficial version of your transcript for the B.A. to identify which courses might still be lacking.

If you have a B.A. in a discipline other than English, you will need to have taken 32 hours of English overall (under the auspices of an English department specifically); 19 hours in upper-level English literature courses (300 or above). You may take those courses while enrolled at UAH, but may not enroll in any Education coursework until you’ve met those requirements. You will then be expected to meet all other requirements listed above for English majors.

As an alternative, you can demonstrate a passing score on the Praxis II exam. You will need to consult with the Education Department at UAH for additional information on the Praxis alternative.