Graduate Program in English - Apply

How and When Do I apply?

You may apply online through the Graduate School (, or you may download a paper application. Please note that the English Department uses a different form for applying for assistantships and has different deadlines. Please use this application and follow this process

Although there is no application deadline, it is best to file the application at least two months before the start of the term you plan to begin your studies. (Keep in mind that your application has to be approved by the English Department, Dean of the Graduate School, and in the case of those seeking a teaching certificate, the UAH College of Education; all of this takes time.) If you know now that you want to pursue one of our certificate programs, please be sure to note that decision on the application. (Many certificates can be added later in the program after discussion with the Graduate Director, but some require permission before enrolling.)

If you apply later than that, you should fill out an application for Graduate Non-Degree status for the semester immediately upcoming, and then also file for Graduate Degree status for the following semester. (The application form and additional information is available here: Doing so will allow you to register for classes without having to wait as long for the paperwork to go through channels. Do note that only 12 hours of non-degree coursework can be counted in your final graduate program, so please do apply promptly for full graduate student status!

Note that if you do require undergraduate courses as prerequisites (for admission to the M.A. program or for the non-traditional teacher certification program), you may prefer to hold off on applying to the Graduate School until you have completed them. You can take them as a non-degree undergraduate student for a lower tuition amount. Otherwise you will have to pay the higher graduate tuition for undergraduate courses. (At UAH the rule is—once a graduate student, always a graduate student!). Of course, your situation may vary if you anticipate requiring financial aid; for some programs, those prerequisite courses can be folded into your Program of Study (and thus are eligible for loans or for tuition coverage if you receive an assistantship or scholarship money from the English Department). If you have any questions about your particular situation, check with the department before you file an application.