Graduate Program in English - M.A. Thesis (Plan I)

All Master of Arts in English Programs share certain basic requirements (except as noted).


This program leads to an M.A. in English, and includes the thesis option. You take 24 hours of coursework (8 courses), plus a minimum of six hours of thesis credit (EH 699). The six hours would ordinarily be spread across a minimum of two semesters, generally toward the end of your program. If you are not finished with the thesis at the end of those 6 hours, you may take additional thesis hours, subject to the rules about time-to-completion of the degree. You must register for thesis hours in the semester you complete and defend the thesis, and in any other semester or term where you anticipate requiring your advisor’s assistance. Other than basic requirements overviewed above, there are no other specific courses required. For more on the thesis, go to the FAQ page on Writing a Thesis.


M.A. in English (Plan II) with Capstone Project