Graduate Program in English - Master of Arts

Overview Requirements

All Master of Arts in English Programs share certain basic requirements (except as noted): 
    • At least half of the hours you take toward your degree (but not including any thesis hours) must be at the 600 level.
    • At least 18 hours in your program must be in literature (except for those students seeking Class A teacher certification as Reading Specialists or in the ESL programs). Literature courses include all those listed in the catalogue except courses with the prefix “EHL”; EH 501, EH 502 and EH 602 (technical writing); and EH 500: Composition Studies for Teachers and EH 601: Writing Pedagogy. Some Special Topics courses may also not apply. To count, a course should deal with literature directly, rather than with writing or other topics. Please check to confirm if you have any questions about a specific course. Special certificate programs require additional hours that are determined in consultation with the appropriate program advisors.
    • You must complete all work toward your degree within six years of the first course you take. Courses taken between six and ten years prior to your degree program completion date may be re-validated by departmental exams negotiated with the specific faculty member who has responsibility for that course; any graduate course more than ten years old may not be used.
    • EH 540 and EH 649 indicate “Special Topics” courses. Often these are new courses, or courses taught by visiting faculty. You may include any number of these classes in your program of study, as long as you meet other requirements.
    • Up to nine hours of graduate work in English may be transferred from other institutions with the approval of the Director of Graduate Studies. At least nine hours in English courses numbered 600 or above must be completed here at UAH (exclusive of thesis hours).
    • You may take a maximum course load of 15 semester hours per semester, although 9 hours is considered full-time.
    • You must maintain a 3.0 G.P.A. in all courses taken at the graduate level. If in any semester your cumulative G.P.A. falls below that 3.0 level, you will be on probation. You might also wish to assess your commitment to a graduate program.
    • If your Program of Study requires 18 hours in literature, you will need to complete a thesis or a capstone project.
    • You must demonstrate reading proficiency of French, German, Spanish, or another language deemed by the department to be academically appropriate. Adequate reading knowledge may be demonstrated by one of the following options:
      • Four semesters or their equivalent in one language with a minimum average grade of B at an accredited institution, completed not more than five years before your first graduate course in the UAH program or taken during your time in the M.A. program.
      • Intermediate-level performance on a UAH examination in the language, given by arrangement with the appropriate member of the faculty in the Department of Foreign Language.
      • In lieu of the language requirement, additional graduate coursework of three semester hours of English. EHL 505 (Survey of General Linguistics) or EHL 507 (Advanced English Grammar Studies) or a designated course of a similar nature is required. These three semester hours are generally in addition to the hours required for the M.A. degree itself. Bear in mind that many Ph.D. programs still expect proficiency in one or often two foreign languages, however.


M.A. in English with Thesis (Plan I)

M.A. in English (Plan II) with Capstone Project

M.A. in English with Technical Writing Certificate

M.A. in English, Class A Teacher Certification in English

M.A. in English, Advanced Licensure for Class A Teacher CertificationM.A. in English, Advanced Licensure for Class A Teacher Certification