Graduate Program in English - Requirements

What are the requirements for admission?

To be considered for unconditional admission to the program, you must have a 3.0 grade point average for previous college-level work (or at least a 3.5 in all coursework in an English major or minor), and a GRE score in the 65th percentile for verbal reasoning (= score of around 155) or an MAT score in the 50th percentile (= raw score of around 410) or above. (The MAT, or Miller Analogies Test, is offered regularly on the UAH campus. Check with UAH Instructional and Testing Services for dates and times.) We do not generally require the subject-area G.R.E., letters of recommendation, or writing samples, although some of those materials are necessary or helpful if you are applying for financial support. We do require a statement of purpose on the application; please pay attention to the word/character count restrictions, as the Director of Graduate Studies only receives that count to evaluate.

If you have a B.A. in English, you can generally be admitted to the program without needing prerequisite coursework, provided you meet the other entry requirements. (If you are applying to a Teacher Certification program, please see the additional requirements for those programs.) If your B.A. is in a different field, we will expect that you have essentially the equivalent of an undergraduate Minor in English (21 hours beyond freshman writing, 15 hours upper division), with solid performance in upper-division English coursework. If your background in upper-division undergraduate English coursework is insufficient, you may be asked to take additional coursework to bring your background to that minimum level required. If you may be required to complete such prerequisites, you may wish to defer your application until you have taken such courses (which you may do as a non-degree student or as a candidate for a second bachelor’s degree), because undergraduate tuition rates are lower than are graduate rates (and once you are admitted as a graduate student, all courses are charged at the graduate tuition rate).

If you do not meet our requirements, you may still be granted conditional admission. This means that you can take classes, but that you must have the approval and signature of the Director of Graduate Studies or the Chair. You will also be required to earn at least a “B” in each of your courses. After having done satisfactory work for 12 hours (four courses) your admission status automatically changes to unconditional. From that point, you are required to maintain an overall GPA of at least 3.0 (thus it is possible to get a “C” as long as each such grade is balanced by an “A”).