David Neff

215 Morton Hall


PhD- University of Illinois, Urbana (1978)
MA - Wayne State University
BA - Wayne State University

Areas of Specialization/Interests:

Nineteenth- and twentieth-century British and American literature, literary criticism and theory, modern drama, Anglo-Irish literature, crime fiction

Current Projects:

Articles on the "Curse of Ham," African Slavery, and Frankenstein; Keats, Masturbation Anxiety, and The Eve of St. Agnes"; the "Cardenio" episode in Don Quixote, Theobald's Double Falsehood, and Keats's Eve of St. Agnes


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CLA Distinguished Teaching Award (2012)
The UAH Foundation Award for Research and Creative Activity (1998); The UAH nominee for the Carnegie Foundation's US Professor of the Year Program (1995); The UAH Foundation Award for Distinguished Teaching (1994); The Alpha Lambda Delta Teaching Award (1982)