What are Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences?

The College of Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences includes disciplines in the humanities, fine arts, behavioral and social sciences, and communication arts. These disciplines are at the heart of a good education. They stimulate your spirit, deepen your understanding, and broaden your horizons while also providing you with a strong intellectual foundation for your future career.

In addition to providing you with the skills that you will need to pursue a successful career, the study of the liberal arts can provide you with the experience and understanding required for a meaningful life and for reflective leadership and citizenship. Literature, drama, politics, visual art, music, foreign languages and cultures, philosophy, and history are intrinsically valuable and their study is essential to responsible civic engagement and to leadership in business, culture, government, and academia.

For most people, college provides the only opportunity for the sustained exploration of these disciplines. Credit cards and crab grass will invade your life soon enough. Your college years provide you with a unique opportunity to reflect on the full range of human experiences in a way that is not only enjoyable at the time but that provides a secure foundation for a reflective and meaningful future.

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