What is a cognate?

A cognate is an interdisciplinary minor across multiple areas of study. In the case of the web cognate, the combined fields of study are communication arts, management of information services, and art studio courses.

What classes do I take in the cognate?

The cognate consists of 40 hours of course work, equally divided among the MIS, communications, and graphic design curriculums. For a complete listing of individual classes, why don't you take a look at the curriculum we offer?

Why did we choose these three areas of study?

These three areas of study are particularly complementary in teaching principles of complete web site development. By learning the technical aspects of the MIS classes, the student acquires the ability necessary for writing the code and the technical management of a web site. Principles of graphic design are indispensable to creating a visually arresting web presence. And from the communications scholars, the student will understand how to create the rhetorical appeal to the user that is so important for any web environment. Melding these three areas of study produces a professional who is particularly well-furnished to design and maintain an unusually robust online presence.

Is the web cognate a major?

No. It is a minor course of study.

What classes should I take to get ready for it?

None. The classes you take in the web cognate will take you from the basics to web site development.

How do I get started in the cognate?

Simply go to our 'contact' page and contact the proper individuals. We'll get you started from there.

Do I have to be a CM, MIS, or ARS major to take the cognate?

Though CM, MIS, and ARS students are more conveniently positioned than others to take advantage of the web cognate program, it is a minor that is open to any UAH student.

Do I have to be enrolled in the cognate to take cognate classes?

No. Anyone may enroll in web cognate classes (subject to university policy).

What software do you teach?

Our MIS classes expose our students to Access database, ColdFusion for dynamic database interactivity, and FrontPage for web site management. Graphic design courses teach the student how to apply Adobe's Illustrator, Photo Shop, and Image Ready software, as well as Macromedia's Dream Weaver, Fireworks, and Flash.

Are there internships available?

We work closely with the local business community in an effort to provide web-based employment opportunities for our students.

Are there honors classes available?

No Web Cognate classes are currently listed as Honors Program classes. On an individual level, professors may help you honors contract a class to gain honors credit for it.

Will my graduation date be delayed?

If you are a CM, MIS, or graphic design major, then the cognate should fit well with your graduation plans. Students of other majors who are enrolled in the cognate may experience a slight delay in their graduation date.