Web Server and Internet Telecommunications Technologies

Offered: Fall/Spring
Credits: 3.0
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Examines the Internet telecommunications technologies required to implement, manage, and maintain an organization's web site. Topics include: TCP/IP; IP addressing; subnet masks; routers, configuration and maintenance of web and DNS servers; and security issues. Prerequisites: MIS 301 or MIS 320.

Here's what students had to say about this class...

"Great teacher, relevant class. Gives good background info about networking without too much detail" --Dauphne Rogers, '01

"If there's a guy to have for a course like this, it's Dr. Reid. One of the qualities that makes a good instructor is a genuine enthusiasm for the subject. Dr. Reid loves what he does, and you can tell. The man really likes to teach, too. I feel a lot more familiar now with technical aspects of networking. A good introductory class for networking." --Ron Davenport